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Visit from Bavaria at ZUB: Güttler Logistik

Am Zentral-HUB von ONLINE Systemlogistik begrüßten Mike Wüllner und Damian Voß Mitarbeitenden unseres Partners Güttler Logistik.

Sometimes a longer journey is worthwhile. For a holiday. For a concert. But also to visit our central hub (ZUB)! Our system partner Güttler from Hof in Bavaria came all the way to Schlitz. The ten prospective forwarding and logistics clerks in particular only knew the processes at the central hub from theory. But the live operation was also worth the trip for HR manager Sandra Köppel and her four colleagues from the short-haul transport, groupage, warehouse and IT departments. Things got a little more theoretical when our site manager Damian Voß gave a presentation explaining the ZUB processes. To keep everyone’s attention, there was pizza for everyone.

Photo: Sandra Köppel (first from right), Human Resources Manager at Güttler Logistik; Mike Wüllner (front row, second from right), Authorised Signatory at OSL; OSL Site Manager Damian Voß (second row, second from left) and Güttler Logistik employees and trainees.