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Transland visits the central hub

Transland besucht das Zentral-HUB von ONLINE Systemlogistik

Anyone who works in scheduling, the handling warehouse, customer service or a comparable area of our industry should naturally finish their work on time. To then, after a full day’s work, make your way to the Central Hub (ZUB) to observe the night handling admittedly takes a bit of effort! Nevertheless, this is exactly what we offer our 96 system partners: the opportunity to see with their own eyes the processes that take place at our Central Hub in Schlitz near Fulda. Showing how we work night after night is what we mean by maximum transparency.

We would like to thank our system partner Transland for visiting the ZUB last Friday, and are particularly pleased that many apprentices are also taking an interest in the processes in our network. This was the fifth partner to visit to Schlitz this year to see the night handling, following visits by agotrans, Roadline, Global Express and Dröder Spedition. Both we and our colleagues at the ZUB look forward to many more visitors!