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Transco site in Singen becomes system partner!

Transco Suisse has been a system partner in the general cargo network of ONLINE Systemlogistik since 2008. Now the Transco site in Singen, Germany, is also part of it. The system partnership began on 1 June. Previously, Transco had been operating here as a service provider for OSL since January 2022; the company serves the area in the northwest of Lake Constance.

“Service providers” and “system partners” have different rights and obligations. In contrast to partners, service providers do not feed in any cargo themselves, but distribute and procure exclusively on behalf of the partners. OSL plans to have only system partners in the network in the medium term. Then all participants will be on an equal footing, and special regulations for service providers can be omitted.

Transco at a glance

The Transco Group is a logistics service provider headquartered in Singen am Hohentwiel, Baden-Württemberg. Founded in 1970, the company has 31 sites in ten countries and employs around 700 people. In the forwarding sector, Transco has over 700 company-owned transport units; in the logistics sector, the company implements customer-specific logistics concepts on 130,000 square metres of warehouse space.