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Always there for you: the OSL headquarters team

The employees at OSL’s headquarters are the first point of contact for our system partners if they have any questions regarding standards and processes at Online Systemlogistik. We are also happy to advise customers and shippers who need a reliable logistics partner and put them in touch with the relevant system partner.

They have a sympathetic ear

Anyone calling the switchboard is greeted by the friendly voices of and . Competent and always friendly, they answer callers’ questions about OSL and connect them with the respective contact persons.

They manage the business

has been the sole Managing Director of Online Systemlogistik since 2021.

is responsible for sales, network support and network expansion as well as marketing.

is responsible for international transports via the allnet general cargo network alliance, for managing the regional hubs, for pallet management and for the network structure.

They ensure the quality

Head of Quality and Environmental Management, ensures high quality in the general cargo network together with her colleague (right) System partners can rely on the team’s many years of experience and expertise when it comes to audits, certifications and other quality issues.

They are responsible for the IT network

IT Systems Engineer (centre), IT Administrator (right) and IT Network Infrastructure Manager have their fingers on the pulse of the network. Thanks to them, the system partners are networked securely with each other and with the head office and are GDPR-compliant. The basis of communication and shipment tracking is the common system portal. With a variety of applications facilitates cooperation in the general cargo network.

They know their way around numbers

and her team – , and – are not only responsible for correct clearing, but also for key-figure management. They love monthly evaluations, target/actual comparisons and budgeting as well as accounting and finance in general.

They connect Europe

TDay after day, the allnet works to ensure smooth traffic between our hubs and those of our partner networks: is the contact for ASTRE Palet System in France, (centre) for Palletforce in the UK, and (left) for One Express in Italy. In the Customer Service department, provides customers and partners with the advice and support they need.

She considers all the risks

Elke Laubinger is our contact person for all insurance-related matters.

They make us smile