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System-based general cargo transports

The heart of the HUB & Spoke system is the main handling base (HUB). ONLINE Systemlogistik (OSL) was one of the first German general cargo networks to establish this system for general cargo distribution.

Our two Central HUBs are conveniently located in Schlitz near Fulda, while the Regional HUBs are in Porta Westfalica (North HUB), Nördlingen (South HUB) and Bottrop (West HUB).

Night after night, system partners from all parts of Germany and Europe bring goods from their region to one or more of these central hubs, where they are sorted by destination and prepared for onward transport. Subsequently, each partner takes back and delivers the goods destined for its territory. In this way, all consignments reach their destinations.

Well received

Destinations in Germany are reached in a standard delivery time of 24 hours, destinations in Europe in a standard delivery time of of 24 to 48 hours.

The advantages of our HUB & Spoke system

It uses synergies.

Bundling consignments results in the optimal utilisation of the trucks.

It is sustainable.

Fully utilised trucks are the starting point for all measures aimed at securing resource-saving, low-emission transports.

It makes commercial sense.

The transport costs are distributed proportionally among all the loading companies.

It is reliable.

Each system partner has a fixed, guaranteed loading quota. This means that processes can be planned at any time.

It is secure.

Thanks to modern scanner and video surveillance technology, nothing goes missing.

It is comprehensible.

In our system portal, all steps are documented, from goods acceptance through to delivery to the consignee. With consignment tracking, partners and shippers can monitor every single goods movement.

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