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Central handling for smart bundling

Hub transports bring system into logistics: The general cargo shipments of our national and international partners converge at our main hub in the middle of Germany.

By bundling shipments in this way, vehicles are optimally utilised, routes and transit times are shortened, and energy consumption and emissions are reduced. Our two regional hubs in northern and southern Germany ensure that northern and southern areas are also connected.

Each night, more than 275 vehicles are en route to the hubs, transporting over 15,000 packages. They deliver general cargo from their regions to the hub and take back shipments for their delivery areas. Trained personnel and video surveillance in the handling halls ensure smooth processes and maximum security. Since we scan every shipment, shippers can track the current status in real time at any time via shipment tracking.

The real plus: secure loading quotas

What is special about our general cargo system are guaranteed loading quotas: Each system partner has up to eight ground stacking spaces, three loading metres and five tonnes per route, hub and night. This provides additional security for customers with regular, stable shipment volumes.

Our Hubs

Central Hubs I and II

Fraurombacher Straße 5
36110 Schlitz (near Fulda)

• 16.800 m² of handling area
• 220 gates

North Hub

Zechenstraße 4
32457 Porta Westfalica

• 2.000 m² of handling area
• 22 gates

South Hub

Oettinger Straße 2
86720 Nördlingen

• 3.000 m² of handling area
• 31 gates


Am Rhein-Herne-Kanal 5
46242 Bottrop

• 6.000 m² handling area
• 52 gates