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Digitally well connected - from notification to delivery receipt

We support our system partners and their customers with special IT solutions that we continuously adapt to current requirements. Standard features include real-time online shipment tracking and automated notification of general cargo shipments for private consignees.

System partners also have access to our system portal after their password-protected login. They benefit from these applications:

All the partners involved in a general cargo shipment are automatically informed about the respective shipment status from start to finish. Individual “note keys” contain the relevant information about shipment type, delivery options and other special features.

We love fast status updates!

Therefore, depending on the required service and product, our system partners enter the relevant key data for each shipment within a specified period of time, including incoming shipment, outgoing shipment and successful delivery. Thanks to this complete documentation, the performance quality of each partner can be objectively assessed at any time. An analysis of the detailed, daily key figures supports us in further improving the processes and is the basis for our high process reliability.

For climate-friendly logistics, our quality management has all system partners certified according to DIN EN 16258; each partner is obliged to record the weight, fuel consumption and kilometres driven for each transport and to store this data in the system portal. We have been preparing the CO2 footprint of our transport services in accordance with this standard since June 2014, and thus ensuring transparency. At the same time, all the system partners are working to further reduce CO2 emissions by training driving personnel and optimising capacity utilisation.

Should a system partner’s own IT system fail, all documents relevant to the shipment can be retrieved via the OSL system portal. This includes partner reports, order and document management and status messages.

Everything at a glance: Information on stock levels at the HUB, overload runs and status overviews are available here.

Each system partner can set up individual access to shipment tracking for its customers.

Based on a few parameters, partners can determine the expected price of a service.

Our entire IT system and all applications are optimally protected against possible external attacks:

All the e-mail traffic leaving the OSL head office is secured by personal e-mail certificates. If the e-mail recipient supports this, the e-mail communication is encrypted so that external third parties cannot read it.

With the certificates, the recipient can be sure that the message actually came from the specified sender

We protect ourselves against spam and viruses with the e-mail security gateway NoSpamProxy developed by “Net at Work” in Paderborn. For example, attached

documents: Our email gateways check attachments “live”, convert them into secure formats or do not forward unsafe attachments at all.

Our firewall systems are of the highest level of sophistication and offer various live services such as “Sophos Sandstorm” for excellent protection against viruses and other malware. Our firewall cluster immediately detects Trojans that “externally encrypt” documents and thus render them unusable. If a virus attack or tampering attempt is imminent, it automatically disconnects the affected devices from the network. Each attack is followed by a thorough examination and “cleaning”. In the process, our firewall system keeps learning and updates itself independently.

When it comes to backups, we also rely on multiple solutions rather than just one. For example, our main data centre is completely mirrored in a second, geographically separate data centre. In addition, all the virtual servers – approximately 50 – are backed up around the clock via Arcserve UDP to a protected and stand-alone storage area. This type of backup allows quick access to various restore points for all the data and machines. These backups are then stored on parallel LTO-8 drives, with the required tapes made available by an automatic library. Once the weekly backup is complete, the current tape is stored in a fireproof safe. Additional cloud backups for Microsoft 365 – e-mails, archives, OneDrive – round off the backup concept

Thanks to the technology we use, we can get our entire system up and running again in the shortest possible time in the event of a malfunction, even while the database is being restored.

Digital certification

Our quality management has simplified the processes in our

certification process Each audit can be prepared digitally using the certification software. Our system partners can also:

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