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Opening ceremony at our Central Hub

Opening ceremony at our Central Hub (ZUB): our new office and staff facility is just the way we wanted it to be for our employees – 800 square metres of space where they can feel at home. It provides pleasant dressing rooms, modern sanitary facilities including showers for men and women, a lounge with snack and beverage machines, a conference room, and offices for the administrative staff. With its attractive and sustainable wooden construction, the building is quite something to look at. It was completed in the fall of 2022 and has been in use since then. Now that it’s summer it’s time to celebrate: we were holding an opening ceremony on Friday with our system partners, colleagues, and everyone involved in building it. And, of course, the food truck was there again – for the celebration in the afternoon and for our drivers and employees at the central hub from 6 p.m. on.