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ONLINE Systemlogistik optimises B2C business

Stückgutumschlag am Zentral-HUB von ONLINE Systemlogistik

Fluctuating consignment volumes, unusual dimensions and individual deadlines – B2C consignments pose major challenges for general cargo logistics providers. In order to make the processes more efficient, the general cargo association ONLINE Systemlogistik (OSL) is now breaking new ground.

Ten percent more consignments and 13 percent more tonnage were recorded by OSL compared to the previous year. A large part of this is due to the increasing demand in the B2C business. In order to deliver goods punctually and reliably in the future, the general cargo association is reorganising its processes: From 1 September, the receiving forwarder will no longer take over the notification of national shipments with a fixed date, but the shipping forwarder. This means that it is already clear at the beginning of the supply chain when the delivery is to take place. This means more planning reliability for all parties involved.

New processes for more efficient transport planning

In future, the procedure will look like this: When a shipping agent receives an order from his customer to deliver a shipment within Germany to a private recipient, he picks up the goods from the customer and parks them in his depot for a short time. He then arranges a delivery date with the recipient by telephone or e-mail. Only after successful confirmation of the appointment does he feed the consignment into the ONLINE Systemlogistik network. The receiving forwarder is automatically informed about the arrival of the consignment and the advised delivery date at the final recipient: He already knows whether he has to reserve space for temporary storage or organise a quick onward transport.

If desired, the private recipient will receive an e-mail notification one day before the agreed delivery – if the notified date no longer suits, a new date can now be arranged. In addition, if a telephone notification is desired on the day of delivery, the driver will announce his arrival one hour before delivery.

Compared to the previous process, OSL thus makes the delivery to end customers even more efficient and ensures a smooth flow of information between the logistics partners and the customers in the B2C sector. Unplanned, unforeseen shipments in the receiving depots and time-consuming rescheduling are now largely eliminated.

Existing product range covers everything

“Since we guarantee our system partners a fixed loading contingent at the HUB, we are in a position to meet the deadlines at almost any time – apart from natural events and other external factors,” explains Marcella Rennecke, who heads quality management at OSL and played a major role in developing the new process in the “Operative Working Group”. “But the upstream and downstream transport processes must also be plannable and transparent in order to function optimally. Flexibility is often at the expense of quality – if you ‘squeeze in’ shipments, you risk other deliveries not arriving on time. And this is precisely the danger that our new notification process avoids.”

With the new processes, the existing fixed-date products and the automatic recipient notification by e-mail, OSL is well positioned for the national B2C business and other deliveries with appointments. A special B2C product is not planned.