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ONLINE Systemlogistik: New software simplifies certification process

Certification processes are time-consuming. For the partners of the general cargo association ONLINE Systemlogistik (OSL), the procedure will be easier in the future thanks to a new software.

OSL is currently preparing to introduce new software for digital data and document management. The system, which will go live later this year, will also simplify the certification process. “All partners will then have access to the comprehensive audit checklist and will be able to upload the completed questionnaire together with the required documents,” says Marcella Rennecke, who heads quality management at OSL. “In addition, they can confirm the dates for the audits here. This makes the audit preparation much easier for the quality officers of our system partners.” In addition, the partner companies can use the new software to advance their own digitalisation.

Certifications are often decisive for the awarding of contracts and are virtually a prerequisite in quality management (DIN EN ISO 9001), environmental management (DIN EN ISO 14001) and food safety (HACCP). But the smaller a company is, the greater the challenge posed by an audit. OSL quality management accompanies all partners from the beginning so that they offer the same quality, regardless of their size.

Audits in times of the pandemic – five new partners certified

In the pandemic year 2020, OSL quality management has certified five new system partners: Bergmann Spedition (Wuppertal), Gerstlauer Spedition + Logistik (Vöhringen), Gustke Logistik (Rostock), Kost Spedition (Attendorn) and Kleine Spedition (Grevenbroich). In 2021, JAS-FBG (Katowice, Poland), Global Express (Kalsdorf near Graz, Austria), Kleyling (Breisach), Gustav Mäuler (Remscheid) and the Nothegger site in Wels, Austria, are to follow. “In 2020, we had to wait for the lockdown to be lifted and, with the distance and hygiene rules in place, we were able to carry out the audits in May and June,” says Marcella Rennecke. “This year the procedure will be similar.”

Support for the newcomers

“In our audit questionnaire, we have broken down the criteria in such a way that they can be understood by new partners without prior knowledge. If there are difficulties, we provide support,” explains Marcella Rennecke. In addition, OSL offers new partners an extra pre-audit; the actual “internal” audit only follows afterwards. “Officially, only the Dekra audit is considered an external audit. But we also rely on qualified, independent auditors for the so-called internal audits, who critically examine the processes at the system partners on our behalf.”