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Online system logistics continues to expand general cargo network

At the beginning of the year, eight companies strengthened the general cargo network of Online Systemlogistik (OSL): Werner Transport & Logistik and 17111 Logistik in the north, Spedition Vögele, Grieshaber Logistik (Weingarten) and Allgäu Frachtlogistik in the south, Kurt Rothschild in Rhineland-Palatinate and Rottbeck Spedition (Bottrop) and Wwe. Th. Hövelmann in North Rhine-Westphalia.

When it comes to expanding our network, the focus is currently on optimizing supply,” explains Petra Welling, Managing Director of Online Systemlogistik. “When changing partners or strengthening our general cargo network, we pay more attention than ever to ensuring that every system participant has the shortest possible routes in their region. That was always the goal, but sometimes it was not possible to implement it operationally. For reasons of sustainability alone, we set our priorities differently today. Short distances mean less energy consumption and less CO2 emissions.”

Reinforcement, change, start-up

The companies 17111 Logistik and Werner Transport & Logistik strengthen the network in Schleswig-Holstein, together they take over the area of ​​the previous service provider Sprint from Neumünster. Kurt Rothschild replaces the Gräfen forwarding company in Rhineland-Palatinate. In the west of NRW, the new system partners Hövelmann and Rottbeck relieve the neighboring partners; Wwe. Th. Hövelmann had previously worked as a service provider for OSL.

The newly acquired companies Vögele and Grieshaber share the former area of ​​the former system partner Fecht in southern Baden-Württemberg with the existing system partner Transco Süd. In the south of Bavaria, the newly founded company Allgäu Frachtlogistik takes the place of Fecht Allgäu. In the course of the founding, Allgäu Frachtlogistik took over the former Fecht location in Weitnau, Managing Director is Markus Hofer.

Service providers as a preliminary stage to the partnership

OSL distinguishes between system partners and service providers for the companies that take part in HUB traffic: Service providers operate procurement logistics for the system partners and distribute shipments in the destination area, but do not feed them into the network themselves. “OSL’s goal is not to have any service providers in the system in the medium term,” says OSL authorized signatory Verena Käuper. “However, in order to adjust structures step by step and slowly build up new system participants, 17111 Logistik, Grieshaber Logistik and Werner Transport & Logistik initially started as service providers on January 1st.” Grieshaber and 17111 Logistik will become system partners on April 1st, 2022, Werner on January 1st January 2023. The system partnership of Rottbeck Spedition starts on February 1st. Vögele, Rothschild, Allgäu Frachtlogistik and Wwe. Th. Hövelmann have been system partners since January 1st.