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Oneflow and H. von Wirth new at Online Systemlogistik

Der Standort des neuen Partners von ONLINE Systemlogistik, H. von Wirth

Two new partners strengthen the general cargo network of Online Systemlogistik (OSL): Oneflow GmbH, Ratingen, has taken over the area around Düsseldorf for OSL since September; Heinrich von Wirth GmbH & Co. KG, located in Gingen an der Fils, has been responsible for the relations in Ulm and the surrounding area since October.

Oneflow’s catchment area covers the region east of Düsseldorf between Ratingen and Hilden; this was previously the responsibility of Spedition Kleine, which will leave OSL at the end of 2022. For general cargo handling, Oneflow serves both the central hub in Schlitz and the new western hub in Bottrop. H. von Wirth picks up and brings goods for the area between Stuttgart and Ulm from and to the OSL central HUB. “Thanks to our new partner H. von Wirth, we have been able to optimize the distribution of areas here,” says Verena Käuper, authorized signatory at Online Systemlogistik. “Since many transport routes are shortened, CO2 emissions are reduced at the same time.”

Strong medium-sized business: the new partners at a glance

H. von Wirth brings 80 employees, 25 trucks, 20,000 square meters of logistics space and 2,000 square meters of handling space to OSL; its headquarters are in Stuttgart. Oneflow, a company of Rath Holding GmbH, currently has 72 employees of its own. Oneflow has 45 vehicles, 4,000 sqm of logistics space and 1,500 sqm of handling space. Both companies offer general cargo and part-load services as well as air and sea freight services. H. von Wirth also focuses on warehouse and contract logistics, while Oneflow focuses on eCommerce logistics.

“With H. von Wirth we have gained a very traditional, and with Oneflow a very young, medium-sized company for our general cargo network,” says Verena Käuper. “So we benefit not only from more capacity in two metropolitan regions, but also from the companies’ different wealth of experience. Oneflow is way ahead in digitalization, H. von Wirth has excellent experience in general cargo as well as in network-cooperation.”

After the two newcomers joined, a total of 96 system partners now belong to the OSL general cargo network. Of the five service providers that assist with distribution and procurement but do not feed cargo themselves, two will move into the partnership early next year. “This means that we have almost achieved our self-imposed goal of having only partners with equal rights and obligations in the network in the future,” Verena Käuper is pleased to report.