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Onboarding? Always a pleasure!

“Let’s take a look at this together.” Doesn’t sound like a magic formula? But it works just as well. For example, whenever a partner or service provider joins ONLINE Systemlogistik’s general cargo network. Then we provide onboarding support. Not just remotely, but directly on site. And stay as long as necessary. And return when necessary. It is always “necessary” when one of the 103 logistics companies in the OSL network is unable to make progress with telephone advice alone. After all, many things are difficult to judge from a distance.

Why do we need onboarding at all, what is there to learn when an experienced logistics company joins the ONLINE Systemgutlogistik general cargo network? First and foremost, it’s about the status reports. A delivered consignment is nice, but only a correctly recorded, delivered consignment is perfect. We aim to record all consignments with the correct consignment status without exception – this transparency is part of our quality strategy. For example, the status “Not delivered” can have many reasons. It could be due to the system partner whose lorry was stuck in a traffic jam. Or due to the the recipient who was not found. And so on. All reasons are recorded in the status and we use the data to create our quality reports.

Onboarding usually takes two to three days: employees from our quality management team travel to the new company, where they accompany at least two incoming and outgoing consignments and look over their shoulders as they enter data. This introductory training also takes place when employees from a partner take over groupage handling for OSL for the first time. Our colleague Silke Schulze is currently supporting the company VS Logistics. VS Logistics has been on board with us since November 2023 and has received an introduction. But now there are more questions. Together with Silke Schulze, they are easy to answer – a little knowledge refresher included.

In the photo: Silke Schulze from OSL Quality Management (right) with Katja Wendinger, Commercial Director and Authorised signatory VS Logistics (left) and Melanie Wald, Head of Consolidated Goods