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Management handover

ONLINE Systemlogistik zu Besuch beim Systempartner Meier Logistik

Management handover at Meier Logistik GmbH: our system partner in Rottenburg/Baden-Württemberg has achieved what many companies struggle with – a good succession plan. Klaus Meier and his son Alessandro Meier have been working together in the family business for seven years. The son recently took over as sole managing director. During our visit, we had the opportunity to wish him all the best. And to experience the enthusiasm with which Alessandro Meier is committed to the further development of the company.

In the photo (from left): Mike Wüllner, Authorised Signatory ONLINE Systemlogistik; Petra Welling, Managing Director ONLINE Systemlogistik; Alessandro Meier, Managing Director Meier Logistik GmbH and Verena Käuper, Authorised Signatory ONLINE Systemlogistik.