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LTN joins Online Systemlogistik

General cargo association Online Systemlogistik (OSL) has gained a new system partner: On June 1st, LTN GmbH will join the network with its Dortmund location.

LTN GmbH will approach the OSL central hub in Schlitz for the first time in the night from 1st to 2nd June 2022. For distribution in the region north of Dortmund and hub transports, LTN can rely on a fleet of over 100 vehicles. The company employs over 150 people at nine locations in North Rhine-Westphalia.

With the entry of the new system partner, the freight forwarder Kockel, Soest, leaves the general cargo network; Kockel was active as an OSL service provider.

Service providers support OSL in distribution and procurement, but do not feed in any cargo themselves. “We are now one step closer to our goal of having only system partners in the network,” explains Verena Käuper, authorised signatory at Online Systemlogistik. “As soon as there are only system partners in the network, all participants have the same rights and obligations, and costly special regulations for non-partners are no longer necessary.”

Stable economic situation in NRW

According to the Kompetenznetz Logistik.NRW, the volume of consignments in North Rhine-Westphalia remains stable despite the generally tense economic situation. The logistics companies surveyed by the competence network even expect the utilisation rate in the most populous federal state to increase. About 18 of the 50 largest German trading companies have their headquarters here; the food industry, mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing are particularly well represented in Münsterland. In the metropolitan area of North Rhine-Westphalia, 17 of a total of 91 system partners are working for OSL.