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Hintzen and Transland now drive for ONLINE Systemlogistik

The Transland logistics location in Haiger

Hintzen Logistik GmbH, Eschweiler, and Transland Spedition GmbH, Haiger, are new partners in the general cargo association Online Systemlogistik (OSL). Since 1 October, Hintzen has been responsible for the Eifel region and the Eschweiler area, while Transland has been strengthening the North Rhine-Westphalia area since 1 November.
At the same time as the new partners join, OSL is changing the division of its territory. “It has proven successful to work with several partners in conurbations and to optimise the territories themselves by making them smaller,” explains OSL Managing Director Petra Welling. “In this way, we are countering the increased volume of consignments – we are relieving the individual partners and once again increasing the quality of our service with the network density.”

New regional distribution in North Rhine-Westphalia

Online Systemlogistik has used the departure of the Kost forwarding company on 31 October for a new division of the region: The region east of Cologne has been taken over by the partner Heuel Logistics since September, and the adjacent area in the Siegerland/Sauerland region between Schmallenberg in the north and Burbach in the south has been served by Transland since November. The company is headquartered in Haiger in Hesse. There and at the Herborn location, 200 employees and 62 local transport vehicles are in operation; a double-decker semi-trailer drives in the OSL main run. Transland has been part of the Zufall Group since 2007. Transland was already a system partner of OSL from 1995 to 2008.

The Eifel region in the western part of North Rhine-Westphalia bordering Belgium and the region around Eschweiler has been covered by Hintzen Logistik GmbH since 1 October. Hintzen thus relieves the system partner Gräfen. Hintzen employs 125 people at its headquarters in Eschweiler and at its Bergheim site. Of the total of 65 vehicles, one truck is on the main run and 26 distribution vehicles are on the road for OSL.