Online Systemlogistik has a New Partner in Luxemburg

Marianne Welter, CEO Arthur Welter Transports, und OSL-Geschäftsführerin Petra Welling bei der Vertragsunterzeichnung.

Paderborn, 5 March 2024. As of 1 April, Arthur Welter Transports s.àr.l in Luxemburg will become a new system partner in Online Systemlogistik’s (OSL’s) general cargo network. The first freight will be handled in the OSL Central Hub in the night of 2–3 April.

‘We are very pleased to be able to accentuate the international orientation of our general cargo network with Arthur Welter Transports,’ stated Verena Käuper, executive at Online Systemlogistik. Arthur Welter Transports s.àr.l (société à responsabilité limitée) covers all of Luxemburg. ‘Here we have found an ideal partner with their site in Luxemburg and their corresponding expertise,’ Verena Käuper said. ‘At the same time, we are able to optimize another region, since the driving times for pick-up and delivery will be even shorter.’ Up to now, the region has been served by OSL’s partner KS Logistics in Kell am See. KS Logistics remains a partner in the OSL system network with its sites in Kell am See and other locations.

Arthur Welter Transports

Along with its headquarters in Luxemburg, Arthur Welter Transports has sites in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Slovakia; the major routes are in Germany, France, and the Benelux countries. The family- and owner-run company was founded in 1962 and has a total of 750 employees. It operates around 400 vehicles to serve its customers. Along with general cargo, its services include international forwarding, full and partial loads, and customs clearance. 10,000 square metres of handling areas, 20,000 square metres of storage space, and 53,300 square metres of logistics areas are available for logistics services. The Luxemburg company wants to intensify its presence in Germany through the partnership with Online Systemlogistik, as well as expanding its geographic coverage.

Happy about the partnership (from left): Jang Kasel, Chief Sales Officer at Arthur Welter Transports; Marianne Welter, Chief Executive Officer at Arthur Welter Transports; Petra Welling, Managing Director of ONLINE Systemlogistik, Verena Käuper and Mike Wüllner, authorised signatories at ONLINE Systemlogistik.

85,000 Euros for Climate Protection

Paderborn, 16 February 2024. “We are restoring the wetlands” – the general cargo network Online Systemlogistik is donating 85,000 euros to the Northern German nature conservation foundation “Stiftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein” to contribute directly to restoring the Herrenmoor peat bogs. Restoring the wetlands will save around 2,600 tons of greenhouse gases (CO2 equivalents) every year in the future. 

Online Systemlogistik introduced the environmental product “Online Green Cargo” a year ago. A feature of this service: 50 cents per shipment go towards an environmental project to reduce CO2. A total of 77,608.50 euros was raised this way, and OSL’s management rounded the sum up to 85,000 euros. 

A New Start for Green Cargo

The demand for Green Cargo has dropped under the impact of the current economic situation with increasing energy costs, toll adjustments, and lower demand; many companies want or are forced to reduce costs. Consequently, Online Systemlogistik has modified its offer: the 50-cent surcharge is no longer mandatory but can be booked optionally – for all OSL services, not just Green Cargo shipments. “This way we can put the option of a climate donation on a broader footing,” Petra Welling explained, Online Systemlogistik’s Managing Director. “Now, anyone booking a Premium or Express Cargo Shipment can also contribute to climate protection.” 

The environmentally friendly transport service “Online Green Cargo” is still on offer throughout Germany. It provides for optimized routes with a high stop density and a standard delivery time between 24 and 72 hours. However, this service and an optional climate contribution will not be enough to satisfy customer demand for sustainable transport solutions in the future. Therefore, OSL is working on further measures to register and reduce emissions in general cargo transport. 

The Conservation Foundation in Schleswig-Holstein and the Herrenmoor Climate Project 

The “Stiftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein,” a public-law charitable foundation, has been in existence since 1978. Its goal is to purchase, lease, or otherwise secure land by civil law in Schleswig-Holstein that is of particular importance for conserving nature and the ecosystem. Currently, 22,000 hectares of peatland are included in the 38,000 hectares of land belonging to the foundation. 

Since the mid-1700s, most of the peat bogs in Schleswig-Holstein have been drained to provide land for agriculture. During the last 45 years, the Stiftung Naturschutz Schleswig-Holstein has been restoring sections of these degraded bogs. In part, this is aimed at furthering biodiversity and saving the last natural habitats for rare species typical to this environment, and in part it is for climate protection. Drained bogs constantly emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere – 2.8 million tons per year in Schleswig-Holstein alone. One of the foundation’s goals is to re-wet 20,000 hectares of drained peat bogs by 2030 and thus to store carbon dioxide in the ground. 

Online Systemlogistik’s donation will be used for re-wetting the Herrenmoor bog near Kleve, around 60 kilometres northwest of Hamburg. Increasing the water level to ground level will already result in a strong reduction of CO2 emissions. On the mid- to long-term, when peat begins to grow again, it will become a carbon sink, actively binding atmospheric CO2. 

Willig new at Online Systemlogistik

Das Team von Willig Transportlogistik freut sich über den Beitritt zu ONLINE Systemlogistik.

Freiburg-based Willig Transportlogistik is a new service partner in the Online Systemlogistik (OSL) general cargo network. The first transshipment of goods at OSL’s Central Hub took place on the night of 2-3 January 2024.

Within the Online Systemlogistik general cargo network, Willig Transportlogistik’s area includes parts of the southern Black Forest as well as parts of the districts of Lörrach and Waldshut. Previously, the SAFRAM site in Weil am Rhein was responsible for this region; SAFRAM withdrew from the general cargo business there at the end of 2023.

Willig Transportlogistik was founded in 1985, and the family-owned company currently employs 270 people. Its fleet includes 40 trucks up to 12 tonnes, 30 trucks up to 7.5 tonnes, as well as semi-trailers and refrigerated and small vehicles. 9,000 square metres are available for handling and logistics. Besides general cargo transports and nationwide dispatch logistics, the range of services offered by Willig Transportlogistik includes a parcel service as well as food and med-tech logistics. Managing Director Timo Willig expects the cooperation with OSL to lead to sustainable growth, long-term cooperation and an expanded portfolio.

“We are very pleased that we have once again been able to appoint for the region a highly professional and reliable logistics service provider”, explains Verena Käuper, Authorised Signatory at Online Systemlogistik. “In the medium term, Willig will become a system partner; as an owner-managed family business, the company fits perfectly into our medium-sized network structure.”

VS Logistics joins Online Systemlogistik

Since 1 November, VS Logistics Würzburg GmbH has been a member of the general cargo network of Online Systemlogistik (OSL) in the Lower Franconia region.

Out of the five VS Logistics sites, Rottendorf, east of Würzburg, will in future work for OSL. At Rottendorf, there are 55 employees and 40 trucks available for general cargo distribution.

By joining OSL’s general cargo network, VS Logistics wants to further optimize its high delivery rate. As a service provider, VS Logistics is initially taking care of distribution and procurement, and not yet feeding in goods itself. “The fact that we have secured VS Logistics as a service provider for our general cargo network and that a system partnership is planned strengthens us in our quality strategy”, says Verena Käuper, authorized signatory at Online Systemlogistik. “With clearly defined throughput volumes per route and hub, everyone can plan and meet delivery dates reliably.”

VS Logistics can trace back its origins to the Würzburg-based forwarding company “Vereinigte Spediteure”, founded in 1932, and the forwarding company Viktor Seifert, founded in the 1950s. In 2000, the two companies merged to form VS Logistics. Around 120 employees work at Rottendorf as well as at the company’s warehouse locations in Würzburg, Kürnach, Dettelbach and Dormagen. Customers have access to a total of 150,000m2 of storage space. VS Logistics focuses in particular on the storage of hazardous materials and the transport of hazardous goods.

Engemann a new partner of Online Systemlogistik

Das Team von Engemann u. CO – Engemann ist neuer Systempartner von OSL

New system partner in the Online Systemlogistik (OSL) general cargo network: On 1 August, Engemann u. CO. Internationale Spedition GmbH from Hilden near Düsseldorf will join the network.

Engemann will serve the Düsseldorf metropolitan region as well as parts of Cologne and the surrounding area. For night-time handling, Engemann will call at both the OSL Central Hub in Schlitz near Fulda and the OSL West Hub in Bottrop; the first handling will take place during the night of 1 to 2 August.

Founded in 1966, Engemann u. CO employs 110 people; a fleet of 90 vehicles is on the road daily for customers. At the Hilden site southeast of Düsseldorf, 16,000 square metres of warehouse and logistics space are currently available for transport and logistics. In addition to general cargo handling, the company’s core areas are scheduled transports to and from Southern and Eastern Europe as well as logistics for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. By joining OSL, Engemann wishes to expand distribution within Germany in particular.

“We are delighted in Engemann to have gained an extremely vital company as a partner. With its medium-sized structure and sustainable focus, Engemann is a perfect fit for us,” says Verena Käuper, Authorised Signatory at Online Systemlogistik. “For the metropolitan regions around Düsseldorf and Cologne in particular, it’s important to have another strong partner in the network.”

Oneflow and H. von Wirth new at Online Systemlogistik

Der Standort des neuen Partners von ONLINE Systemlogistik, H. von Wirth

Two new partners strengthen the general cargo network of Online Systemlogistik (OSL): Oneflow GmbH, Ratingen, has taken over the area around Düsseldorf for OSL since September; Heinrich von Wirth GmbH & Co. KG, located in Gingen an der Fils, has been responsible for the relations in Ulm and the surrounding area since October.

Oneflow’s catchment area covers the region east of Düsseldorf between Ratingen and Hilden; this was previously the responsibility of Spedition Kleine, which will leave OSL at the end of 2022. For general cargo handling, Oneflow serves both the central hub in Schlitz and the new western hub in Bottrop. H. von Wirth picks up and brings goods for the area between Stuttgart and Ulm from and to the OSL central HUB. “Thanks to our new partner H. von Wirth, we have been able to optimize the distribution of areas here,” says Verena Käuper, authorized signatory at Online Systemlogistik. “Since many transport routes are shortened, CO2 emissions are reduced at the same time.”

Strong medium-sized business: the new partners at a glance

H. von Wirth brings 80 employees, 25 trucks, 20,000 square meters of logistics space and 2,000 square meters of handling space to OSL; its headquarters are in Stuttgart. Oneflow, a company of Rath Holding GmbH, currently has 72 employees of its own. Oneflow has 45 vehicles, 4,000 sqm of logistics space and 1,500 sqm of handling space. Both companies offer general cargo and part-load services as well as air and sea freight services. H. von Wirth also focuses on warehouse and contract logistics, while Oneflow focuses on eCommerce logistics.

“With H. von Wirth we have gained a very traditional, and with Oneflow a very young, medium-sized company for our general cargo network,” says Verena Käuper. “So we benefit not only from more capacity in two metropolitan regions, but also from the companies’ different wealth of experience. Oneflow is way ahead in digitalization, H. von Wirth has excellent experience in general cargo as well as in network-cooperation.”

After the two newcomers joined, a total of 96 system partners now belong to the OSL general cargo network. Of the five service providers that assist with distribution and procurement but do not feed cargo themselves, two will move into the partnership early next year. “This means that we have almost achieved our self-imposed goal of having only partners with equal rights and obligations in the network in the future,” Verena Käuper is pleased to report.

Help from Fulda for the Ukraine

The association “Köche 1921 Fulda e.V.” helps the people in the Ukraine with various campaigns and donations – since the beginning of the war, several trucks with relief goods have already reached the Ukrainian border. We are happy to support this commitment and contribute 1,000 euros to the costs of an aid transport that our Polish system partner JAS-FBG has just carried out. JAS brought a truck full of food, which was collected privately and by a wholesaler, from Fulda to the handover point in the Polish border town of Przemyśl. There, a Ukrainian truck took over the goods. Yesterday, the vehicle passed the Ukrainian border, and now the relief goods are being distributed in Ukraine.

LTN joins Online Systemlogistik

General cargo association Online Systemlogistik (OSL) has gained a new system partner: On June 1st, LTN GmbH will join the network with its Dortmund location.

LTN GmbH will approach the OSL central hub in Schlitz for the first time in the night from 1st to 2nd June 2022. For distribution in the region north of Dortmund and hub transports, LTN can rely on a fleet of over 100 vehicles. The company employs over 150 people at nine locations in North Rhine-Westphalia.

With the entry of the new system partner, the freight forwarder Kockel, Soest, leaves the general cargo network; Kockel was active as an OSL service provider.

Service providers support OSL in distribution and procurement, but do not feed in any cargo themselves. “We are now one step closer to our goal of having only system partners in the network,” explains Verena Käuper, authorised signatory at Online Systemlogistik. “As soon as there are only system partners in the network, all participants have the same rights and obligations, and costly special regulations for non-partners are no longer necessary.”

Stable economic situation in NRW

According to the Kompetenznetz Logistik.NRW, the volume of consignments in North Rhine-Westphalia remains stable despite the generally tense economic situation. The logistics companies surveyed by the competence network even expect the utilisation rate in the most populous federal state to increase. About 18 of the 50 largest German trading companies have their headquarters here; the food industry, mechanical engineering and vehicle manufacturing are particularly well represented in Münsterland. In the metropolitan area of North Rhine-Westphalia, 17 of a total of 91 system partners are working for OSL.

Aid transports for Ukraine

Partner companies and employees of the general cargo network Online Systemlogistik (OSL) collect on their own initiative for aid transports to Ukraine. The OSL head office coordinates the collection; all relief goods first go to the central HUB in Schlitz near Fulda. Already during the first collection, three truckloads were collected.

The relief goods are mainly durable food, drinking water in bottles and canisters, wheelchairs, surgical gowns, hygiene articles, children’s toys, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. The first of three trucks left the HUB in Schlitz on April 8th for a relief goods HUB in Przemyśl, Poland. From there it will be transported on to Ukraine. The second truck will start this week. Przemyśl is located directly on the Polish-Ukrainian border, and the city of Lviv in western Ukraine is just under 100 kilometres away.

The transport was organised by employees of Online Systemlogistik, the first delivery was made by a company of the Polish system partner JAS-FBG S.A. The actions are to be continued. As the situation on the transport market is tense, the frequency of deliveries depends on the availability of drivers and vehicles. In March, OSL had already carried out an aid transport with mineral water together with the system partner Nothegger; the delivery arrived in Ukraine on March 23rd.

Online system logistics continues to expand general cargo network

At the beginning of the year, eight companies strengthened the general cargo network of Online Systemlogistik (OSL): Werner Transport & Logistik and 17111 Logistik in the north, Spedition Vögele, Grieshaber Logistik (Weingarten) and Allgäu Frachtlogistik in the south, Kurt Rothschild in Rhineland-Palatinate and Rottbeck Spedition (Bottrop) and Wwe. Th. Hövelmann in North Rhine-Westphalia.

When it comes to expanding our network, the focus is currently on optimizing supply,” explains Petra Welling, Managing Director of Online Systemlogistik. “When changing partners or strengthening our general cargo network, we pay more attention than ever to ensuring that every system participant has the shortest possible routes in their region. That was always the goal, but sometimes it was not possible to implement it operationally. For reasons of sustainability alone, we set our priorities differently today. Short distances mean less energy consumption and less CO2 emissions.”

Reinforcement, change, start-up

The companies 17111 Logistik and Werner Transport & Logistik strengthen the network in Schleswig-Holstein, together they take over the area of ​​the previous service provider Sprint from Neumünster. Kurt Rothschild replaces the Gräfen forwarding company in Rhineland-Palatinate. In the west of NRW, the new system partners Hövelmann and Rottbeck relieve the neighboring partners; Wwe. Th. Hövelmann had previously worked as a service provider for OSL.

The newly acquired companies Vögele and Grieshaber share the former area of ​​the former system partner Fecht in southern Baden-Württemberg with the existing system partner Transco Süd. In the south of Bavaria, the newly founded company Allgäu Frachtlogistik takes the place of Fecht Allgäu. In the course of the founding, Allgäu Frachtlogistik took over the former Fecht location in Weitnau, Managing Director is Markus Hofer.

Service providers as a preliminary stage to the partnership

OSL distinguishes between system partners and service providers for the companies that take part in HUB traffic: Service providers operate procurement logistics for the system partners and distribute shipments in the destination area, but do not feed them into the network themselves. “OSL’s goal is not to have any service providers in the system in the medium term,” says OSL authorized signatory Verena Käuper. “However, in order to adjust structures step by step and slowly build up new system participants, 17111 Logistik, Grieshaber Logistik and Werner Transport & Logistik initially started as service providers on January 1st.” Grieshaber and 17111 Logistik will become system partners on April 1st, 2022, Werner on January 1st January 2023. The system partnership of Rottbeck Spedition starts on February 1st. Vögele, Rothschild, Allgäu Frachtlogistik and Wwe. Th. Hövelmann have been system partners since January 1st.