Werner Transport is new system partner

LKW des neuen OSL-Partners Werner Transport

We welcome our new partner, Werner Transport & Logistik KG! The company, based in Schleswig-Holstein, was already working for us as a service provider. In our general cargo network, Werner Transport will continue to be responsible for the area north of Rendsburg.

At the beginning of 2023, our Belgian service provider Jet Transport will then also be included as a system partner with all rights and obligations; Jet is on the road for us in Belgium.

We have thus almost achieved our goal of having only system partners in the network who also feed in and do not just provide support in distribution and procurement.

Oneflow and H. von Wirth new at Online Systemlogistik

Der Standort des neuen Partners von ONLINE Systemlogistik, H. von Wirth

Two new partners strengthen the general cargo network of Online Systemlogistik (OSL): Oneflow GmbH, Ratingen, has taken over the area around Düsseldorf for OSL since September; Heinrich von Wirth GmbH & Co. KG, located in Gingen an der Fils, has been responsible for the relations in Ulm and the surrounding area since October.

Oneflow’s catchment area covers the region east of Düsseldorf between Ratingen and Hilden; this was previously the responsibility of Spedition Kleine, which will leave OSL at the end of 2022. For general cargo handling, Oneflow serves both the central hub in Schlitz and the new western hub in Bottrop. H. von Wirth picks up and brings goods for the area between Stuttgart and Ulm from and to the OSL central HUB. “Thanks to our new partner H. von Wirth, we have been able to optimize the distribution of areas here,” says Verena Käuper, authorized signatory at Online Systemlogistik. “Since many transport routes are shortened, CO2 emissions are reduced at the same time.”

Strong medium-sized business: the new partners at a glance

H. von Wirth brings 80 employees, 25 trucks, 20,000 square meters of logistics space and 2,000 square meters of handling space to OSL; its headquarters are in Stuttgart. Oneflow, a company of Rath Holding GmbH, currently has 72 employees of its own. Oneflow has 45 vehicles, 4,000 sqm of logistics space and 1,500 sqm of handling space. Both companies offer general cargo and part-load services as well as air and sea freight services. H. von Wirth also focuses on warehouse and contract logistics, while Oneflow focuses on eCommerce logistics.

“With H. von Wirth we have gained a very traditional, and with Oneflow a very young, medium-sized company for our general cargo network,” says Verena Käuper. “So we benefit not only from more capacity in two metropolitan regions, but also from the companies’ different wealth of experience. Oneflow is way ahead in digitalization, H. von Wirth has excellent experience in general cargo as well as in network-cooperation.”

After the two newcomers joined, a total of 96 system partners now belong to the OSL general cargo network. Of the five service providers that assist with distribution and procurement but do not feed cargo themselves, two will move into the partnership early next year. “This means that we have almost achieved our self-imposed goal of having only partners with equal rights and obligations in the network in the future,” Verena Käuper is pleased to report.

Supporting club sports

ONLINE Systemlogistik hat Trikots für eine Fußballmannschaft gesponsert.

Team spirit, precision, timing – that’s what football is all about, just like logistics. That’s why we are very happy to support club sports, especially in the region of our central HUB. For example, the football team of SV Germania Kirchhasel.

West HUB goes live

Fifth HUB starting: On 1 August, we put our West-HUB in Bottrop into operation as planned. This provides our 93 partners and their customers with 30 percent more space for general cargo handling. The 6,000 square metre logistics area with 52 gates was already busy on the first night.

Our depots in the Netherlands and Belgium as well as the HUB of our French partner cooperation Astre Palet System are already connected to the West HUB. With the fifth HUB, we are taking into account both the growth through new partners and the high volume of shipments in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region.

Help from Fulda for the Ukraine

The association “Köche 1921 Fulda e.V.” helps the people in the Ukraine with various campaigns and donations – since the beginning of the war, several trucks with relief goods have already reached the Ukrainian border. We are happy to support this commitment and contribute 1,000 euros to the costs of an aid transport that our Polish system partner JAS-FBG has just carried out. JAS brought a truck full of food, which was collected privately and by a wholesaler, from Fulda to the handover point in the Polish border town of Przemyśl. There, a Ukrainian truck took over the goods. Yesterday, the vehicle passed the Ukrainian border, and now the relief goods are being distributed in Ukraine.

A food truck for our “ZUB” team

Get into conversation with each other or just eat delicious food and take a break: At the food truck, both are possible. On June 10 and July 8, the food truck was already parked in front of our Central HUB (ZUB) in Schlitz from 6 p.m. to midnight. We wanted to say thank you to our colleagues at the ZUB by offering turkey gyros, currywurst and french fries for free. External visitors were also invited – so we could get to know each other without obligation.

To be continued! The food truck will soon be back in front of ZUB I 🙂

Transco site in Singen becomes system partner!

Transco Suisse has been a system partner in the general cargo network of ONLINE Systemlogistik since 2008. Now the Transco site in Singen, Germany, is also part of it. The system partnership began on 1 June. Previously, Transco had been operating here as a service provider for OSL since January 2022; the company serves the area in the northwest of Lake Constance.

“Service providers” and “system partners” have different rights and obligations. In contrast to partners, service providers do not feed in any cargo themselves, but distribute and procure exclusively on behalf of the partners. OSL plans to have only system partners in the network in the medium term. Then all participants will be on an equal footing, and special regulations for service providers can be omitted.

Transco at a glance

The Transco Group is a logistics service provider headquartered in Singen am Hohentwiel, Baden-Württemberg. Founded in 1970, the company has 31 sites in ten countries and employs around 700 people. In the forwarding sector, Transco has over 700 company-owned transport units; in the logistics sector, the company implements customer-specific logistics concepts on 130,000 square metres of warehouse space.