Michael Wolf OHG is a New Partner in the Online Systemlogistik Network

Wolf Spedition wird neuer Partner von ONLINE Systemlogistik

The family-owned company Michael Wolf OHG in Straubing in Lower Bavaria will become a new partner of Online Systemlogistik (OSL) as of 1 May. The Wolf haulage firm will take part in freight transfer operations at the OSL Central Hub for the first time in the night of 2/3 May.

Additional capacity for Lower Bavaria: Michael Wolf OHG will cover the region between Neukirchen in the North-East and Geiselhöring/Feldkirchen in the South-West for OSL. The region for freight collection and distribution reaches from the Czech border diagonally down to the area around Straubing. Neighbouring OSL System Partners in Germany are Kiessling-Spedition in Regenstauf near Regensburg and Trans MF in Essenbach-Ohu near Landshut.

“As a family-run firm, Michael Wolf OHG fits perfectly in our network of partners,” states Verena Käuper; executive at OSL Systemlogistik. “Gaining the Wolf forwarding company as a partner further strengthens and expands our general cargo network. We are looking forward to our cooperation!” Carolin Wolf, Managing Director of Michael Wolf OHG, expects membership in Online Systemlogistik to make it possible to increase flexibility and further improve the quality of service. “The coming years will bring major challenges for medium-sized logistics companies that can best be met by cooperating with competitive and efficient partners,” Carolin Wolf says.

Michael Wolf OHG

Michael Wolf OHG has 270 employees of its own at its headquarters in Straubing. The fleet of vehicles includes 55 lorries ranging from 3.5 to 40 tons, seven tractor units, and forty lorries for the waste disposal and recycling industry. An area of 5000 square metres is available to handle freight, waste management, and logistics, as well as 7000 square metres of logistics space. The company was founded in 1904 and has been a partner in the 24plus Systemverkehre logistics network since 1996.

A smooth start

Silke Schulze von ONLINE Systemlogistik unterstützt den neuen Partner in Luxemburg beim Onboarding

Willkommen, bienvenu, welcome! Our quality management expert Silke Schulze accompanied the launch of OSL’s new system partner Arthur Welter Transports in Luxembourg. One focus: perfect data for EDI/remote data transmission. From the receipt of OSL consignments to the delivery note, the general cargo experts from Arthur Welter Transports and Silke Schulze went through the implementation and visualisation of all process steps together.

A big thank you to the software company Dr Malek, who provided quick and uncomplicated support with the EDI interfaces. And special thanks to our new partner – for the warmth and relaxed atmosphere! We are delighted with the smooth start and look forward to further cooperation in our general cargo network!

In the photo from left to right:

Back row: Frank Breitzke, Ricardo Krechel, employees for general cargo processing; Sam Schaefer, Project Manager Distribution Service – Arthur Welter Transports

Front row: Marianne Welter, Managing Director – Arthur Welter Transports; Silke Schulze and Andreas Nowotny, Quality Management – ONLINE Systemlogistik

A visit to Mannheim

Das Stückgutnetz ONLINE Systemlogistik zu Besuch beim Systempartner Leonh. H. Knubben Speditions GmbH in Mannheim.

A breath of fresh air has been blowing through Mannheim for more than two years: Michael Buttler took over as branch manager of Leonh. H. Knubben Speditions GmbH. Since then, our Mannheim-based system partner has made great progress. Our thanks for the exchange of views and our best wishes for the future!

In the photo (from left): Michael Buttler, Branch Manager; Steffen Zieher, Forwarding Manager – both Leonh. H. Knubben Speditions GmbH; Petra Welling, Managing Director; Marcella Rennecke, Head of Quality and Environmental Management and Verena Käuper, Authorised Officer – ONLINE Systemlogistik

Transco relies on robotics and e-trucks

Transco ist Partner im Stückgutnetz von ONLINE Systemlogistik. Hier ein Gruppenbild vor einem Transco-Lkw, mit der Geschäftsführung von OSL und Transco.

25 robots in the warehouse and 6 e-trucks in the fleet – our partner Transco has set the course for the future. During our visit to Singen and Gottmadingen, we were able to get a full picture of this.

In the AutoStore, humans and robots share the work: while employees iron textiles by hand or wrap goods in tissue paper, for example, robots take over routine tasks with their grippers.

The Volvo e-trucks are new to the fleet. They are suitable for flatbed, tarpaulin and platform bodies. With a capacity of 378 kilowatts and a simulated consumption of 1.26 kilowatts per kilometre, they have a range of around 300 kilometres.

We would like to thank Marko Mustapic and Christian Bücheler for the insights and are already looking forward to the next innovations!

In the photo (from left): Mike Wüllner, authorised signatory – ONLINE Systemlogistik; Verena Käuper, authorised signatory – ONLINE Systemlogistik; Marko Mustapic, authorised signatory – Transco; Petra Welling, Managing Director – ONLINE Systemlogistik and Christian Bücheler, CEO – Transco.

Management handover

ONLINE Systemlogistik zu Besuch beim Systempartner Meier Logistik

Management handover at Meier Logistik GmbH: our system partner in Rottenburg/Baden-Württemberg has achieved what many companies struggle with – a good succession plan. Klaus Meier and his son Alessandro Meier have been working together in the family business for seven years. The son recently took over as sole managing director. During our visit, we had the opportunity to wish him all the best. And to experience the enthusiasm with which Alessandro Meier is committed to the further development of the company.

In the photo (from left): Mike Wüllner, Authorised Signatory ONLINE Systemlogistik; Petra Welling, Managing Director ONLINE Systemlogistik; Alessandro Meier, Managing Director Meier Logistik GmbH and Verena Käuper, Authorised Signatory ONLINE Systemlogistik.

Bienvenu à Strasbourg!

Online Systemlogistik besuchen den Partner Woehl & Cie in Straßburg.

This week we were guests of our system partner Woehl & Cie S.A. Green Cargo and environmental protection are very important to them and they are following our commitment to reduce emissions with great interest. Our Alsatian system partner is equally enthusiastic about our ONLINE Green Cargo product and our donation to the Herrenmoor climate project.

In the spirit of ONLINE system logistics, Woehl & Cie focuses on quality rather than quantity. One result of this focus: super transit times! We can only congratulate them. How nice that we were able to exchange ideas in person!

Pictured in front of the truck are (from left) Mike Wüllner and Verena Käuper, authorised signatories of ONLINE Systemlogistik; Petra Welling, Managing Director of ONLINE Systemlogistik; Yves Hoffmeyer, Forwarding Manager for German transports at Woehl & Cie and Christian Hoeffler, General Director of Woehl & Cie.