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Berlin and Graz visit the Central Hub

Besucher-Führung am Zentral-HUB von ONLINE Systemlogistik

Berlin and Graz visit Schlitz: One week ago at ONLINE Systemlogistik’s Central Hub (ZUB) in Schlitz near Fulda, we welcomed our system partners Roadline (from Mahlow near Berlin) and Global Express (from Kalsdorf near Graz in Austria). For all of them, the ZUB visit was a real eye-opener: This was the first time that our visitors had seen their “own” vehicles roll into the yard and onto their respective ramps. The guests already knew that the ZUB is a hive of activity each night, but they had no idea that so much is going on there! The operational processes at ZUB, e.g. the speedy and at the same time careful unloading and loading of the trucks, proved another surprise. Finally, there was a tour of our new social and administrative building.

At the joint dinner before the ZUB tour and during the remainder of the evening, our partners took the opportunity to get to know the visitors a little better. They were keen to learn how things are going in other areas and what the current hot topics in Berlin and Graz are. Generally during day-to-day work, there is too little time for such conversations.

OSL authorised signatories Mike Wüllner and Verena Käuper as well as Damian Voß, site manager central hub, welcomed the guests to the ZUB: From Roadline, Mario Dunger (forwarding management), Sven Fischer-Schulze (short-haul scheduling) and Nils Briesenick (fleet management/damage); from Global Express, Ludwig Alteneder (projects and controlling) and Rolf Hadolt (managing director).