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Aid transports for Ukraine

Partner companies and employees of the general cargo network Online Systemlogistik (OSL) collect on their own initiative for aid transports to Ukraine. The OSL head office coordinates the collection; all relief goods first go to the central HUB in Schlitz near Fulda. Already during the first collection, three truckloads were collected.

The relief goods are mainly durable food, drinking water in bottles and canisters, wheelchairs, surgical gowns, hygiene articles, children’s toys, sleeping bags and sleeping mats. The first of three trucks left the HUB in Schlitz on April 8th for a relief goods HUB in Przemyśl, Poland. From there it will be transported on to Ukraine. The second truck will start this week. Przemyśl is located directly on the Polish-Ukrainian border, and the city of Lviv in western Ukraine is just under 100 kilometres away.

The transport was organised by employees of Online Systemlogistik, the first delivery was made by a company of the Polish system partner JAS-FBG S.A. The actions are to be continued. As the situation on the transport market is tense, the frequency of deliveries depends on the availability of drivers and vehicles. In March, OSL had already carried out an aid transport with mineral water together with the system partner Nothegger; the delivery arrived in Ukraine on March 23rd.