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A visit to Mannheim

Das Stückgutnetz ONLINE Systemlogistik zu Besuch beim Systempartner Leonh. H. Knubben Speditions GmbH in Mannheim.

A breath of fresh air has been blowing through Mannheim for more than two years: Michael Buttler took over as branch manager of Leonh. H. Knubben Speditions GmbH. Since then, our Mannheim-based system partner has made great progress. Our thanks for the exchange of views and our best wishes for the future!

In the photo (from left): Michael Buttler, Branch Manager; Steffen Zieher, Forwarding Manager – both Leonh. H. Knubben Speditions GmbH; Petra Welling, Managing Director; Marcella Rennecke, Head of Quality and Environmental Management and Verena Käuper, Authorised Officer – ONLINE Systemlogistik