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A Fantastic Team!

Ein Teil des Teams, das jede Nacht die Sendungen am Zentral-HUB von ONLINE Systemlogistik umschlägt.

Respect! The team from our central hub (ZUB) really got things going recently (quite literally). The volumes of shipments at our central hub increased disproportionally during the weeks shortened by holidays and long weekends, despite all the talk about stagnation or recession. Operations still went on as usual, thanks to the experience and great teamwork of our staff at the hub. All of them joined in, worked hand-in-hand, and stayed on top of things, even when the handling facility was running at full capacity.

When the food truck drives onto the yard at the ZUB I hub today, it is our way of saying THANK YOU. We appreciate your dedication and great work! You did a fantastic job.

By the way, we are currently looking for additional players for our team. If you might know someone, who knows someone… Here is the direct link to our career page. Just give it a click and apply.