Quality HUB & SPOKE IT


ONLINE shipments are handled in our centrally-located hubs prior to transportation direct to your destination. This allows us to optimise volume effects and generate short delivery times by organising our route plans around shipment volume. It also helps us cut down on the number of trucks running part-loaded or empty – a major plus for the environment.

Fast. Secure. Comprehensive.

Security is good – control is even better! Each and every ONLINE delivery is scanned, so that shippers can track the progress of their deliveries at any time. Specially-trained staff and state-of-the-art video document monitoring make for an extremely high level of transport processing security. Once your goods have gone through our handling process, we transfer them to our system partners for onward delivery to their destination. This means that the majority of shipments reach their destination in Germany or the neighbouring states in Europe within 24 hours.