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Marcella Rennecke is celebrating her 15th anniversary with the company

Bei ONLINE Systemlogistik ist Marcella Rennecke seit 15 Jahren für Qualitäts- und Umweltmanagement verantwortlich.

Long may she live! Our Quality and Environmental Management Representative Marcella Rennecke is celebrating her 15th anniversary with the company this year. “High” is the word we associate with her: She fulfills her task of keeping the quality standard in our general cargo network at a high level with all partners competently and persistently. The audits she schedules make the partners’ hearts beat faster – often with excitement as to whether all the high requirements are being met, but even more often with joy: Marcella Rennecke is our kind-hearted soul who patiently and pragmatically deals with every aspect of the partners’ quality and environmental management and supports them in finding and implementing good solutions.  She is the one who, with a lot of energy and commitment, creates the conditions for new system partners to meet our standards.

It is also thanks to Marcella Rennecke that Online Systemlogistik was the first general cargo cooperation in Germany to be certified by DEKRA in 2014 in accordance with the EN 16258 standard; the standard is used for the uniform calculation of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for a standardized CO2 balance.

Congratulations on your company anniversary, dear Marcella Rennecke! We thank you for your fabulous commitment!