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ONLINE Systemlogistik.
My general cargo network.

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Our 94 system partners – owner-managed, medium-sized logistics companies from Germany and Europe – will find the best solution for your general cargo logistics each and every day.

The heart of our general cargo cooperation is the central handling base (ZUB) in Schlitz near Fulda. Here, as well as at the North, South and West handling bases (HUBs), each system partner has a guaranteed loading quota available for its customers. In this way, general cargo shipments reach their national and international destinations safely.

Zentrale Umschlagbasis

Guaranteed loading quota

Up to eight ground stacking spaces, three loading metres, five tonnes per route and HUB

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Online Systemlogistik, Geschäftsführerin Petra Welling
Petra Welling
Managing Director

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Silke Schulze von ONLINE Systemlogistik unterstützt den neuen Partner in Luxemburg beim Onboarding

A smooth start

Willkommen, bienvenu, welcome! Our quality management expert Silke Schulze accompanied the launch of OSL’s new
Das Stückgutnetz ONLINE Systemlogistik zu Besuch beim Systempartner Leonh. H. Knubben Speditions GmbH in Mannheim.

A visit to Mannheim

A breath of fresh air has been blowing through Mannheim for more than two years:
Transco ist Partner im Stückgutnetz von ONLINE Systemlogistik. Hier ein Gruppenbild vor einem Transco-Lkw, mit der Geschäftsführung von OSL und Transco.

Transco relies on robotics and e-trucks

25 robots in the warehouse and 6 e-trucks in the fleet – our partner Transco

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